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Paxton went through a lot of different training. There were three main parts, general
obedience, learning his tasks for being a service dog, and learning appropriate out-in-public behavior. The process was ambitious, however Anna helped us so much in
building and accomplishing goals for Paxton and I. There was a natural progression in
accomplishing each goal and each main part of the training part felt seamless.
Something that is understated in dog training is how much the trainer is more training the
human, than training the actual dog. Anna was so excellent at helping me understand
the specifics of each individual task and how we could work together to achieve
them. Something that was a huge help that always stood out was Anna’s preparedness.
She would always have our homework training sheet, whatever prop needed for that day
of training, and most importantly a positive attitude. Every training session was so
pleasant and I always looked forward to seeing her smile and for Paxton and I to learn
something. Anna truly is a special trainer. She helped me learn how to work with my dog
so well that at times I would get over confident and say “watch this Anna!” Then I would
see her handle Paxton with a humble happy demeanor and surgical precision, and I
would remember who the real trainer was. Thank you Anna so much for helping Paxton
grow into something truly special.

-- Chase and Paxton - Medical Alert Service Dog Team


Patriot in car.jpg

Anna trained our Goldendoodle, Patriot, to be a service dog for our son with Down Syndrome.  Patriot began his training later than service dogs normally do, but Anna took on the task and was very flexible and capable.  She worked in several different environments and Anna had the extra challenge of teaching me to handle Patriot for my son and at the same time teaching Patriot to obey me and ignore my son (who would like to let him run free, far away from maintaining him).  Anna quickly connected with Patriot and made progress with him at a very fast pace.   In addition to the training, she was full of all kinds of useful information clearly based on her experience. I would highly recommend Anna to anyone looking for help with their dog.   

-- Kristin, Zach, and Patriot - Service Dog Team 


I started with Sadie training in October with Anna.   We started out with the goals of Canine Good Citizen, and starting gluten detection.  I had wonderful written instructions after each session to remind me of the steps.  Sadie has had some odd querks to work through, and Anna has had helpful tips for each behavior. Sadie has really progressed during this process and got her CGC in Jan 23.  We are now working toward further goals and scent training.  

-- Christina and Sadie - Service Dog Allergen Alert Team

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