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Creating a Training Plan for Your Service Dog Candidate

Ever wonder how you will achieve your goal of training your own service dog? A training plan for your service dog prospect is your guide to getting your dog to where they need to be! This is your blueprint for understanding your dog’s goals and keeping track of your dog’s progress.

The training plan below is an example of part of a long-term week by week training plan for a general service dog candidate. Depending on the dog, the dog’s age at the start of training, and the type of service dog, each plan will differ. Hopefully, the plan below will give you an idea of how to create your own plan and goals. Remember, it is always helpful to develop a plan with your service dog coach and support team for ultimate success!

Here is a breakdown of the above training categories week by week. As you may notice, the tasks and other basic commands are not included. Those commands are added in later weeks. This excerpt, gets the dog to the AKC Canine Good Citizen test but obviously more training will be needed later. It is important to not overwhelm you or your dog in training too much at once.

Again! This is just a small blip in the training timeline - don't forget that for each new behavior trained, you must train to the level of fluency and generalization to all locations, times, and distractions!

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